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Compact, portable, and evironment-controlled storage for medications and cyptocurrency-based adherence incentivization.

Happy Support

Child-focused Upper Limb Support Device.


A Haptic Feedback Solution for Hand Prosthetics.


The startup behind ProHAT, a haptic accessory to an already-fitted lower limb prosthesis that provides somatosensory feedback to the user.


A comfortable, remote heart monitoring patch with integrated real-time ECG monitoring, arrhythmia and cardiac arrest detection, and automatic EMT alert.


Multi-functional heart monitoring system developed as an efficient andc omprehensive solution for concerns about heart attack or heart disease.


The startup behind the VitalCorder: an inexpensive, portable, easy-to-use vital-signs measurement and recording device.


Implantable Drug Delivery Device to address medication non-adherence.


H-Belt is a device designed to assist patients with back pain and help them correct their posture by measuring the position of their back while they are sitting.

Grip Track

GripTrack provides an easy and reliable early warning platform for tracking the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health of our at-risk older population.


A new, simple VR application, to be run from smartphones, providing an inexpensive, easy to use, and feature rich VR application for therapy.


An advanced pair of insoles with capabilities to provide alerts for improper pressure distribution at the feet and irregular flexing at the ankles.


Lesterolight is a portable, cost-effective, fast, and reliable diagnostic platform and preventive tool against CVDs that gives users information to adjust lifestyle choices.


An affordable and simple health monitor and app system to continuously monitor for the first warning signs for the causes of maternal mortality.

KAI Healthcare

KAI Healthcare presents AgCENSE, a robust incontinence event sensing and notification system.

Blue Light Technologies

Affords users control over when and how to limit blue light exposure by monitoring total blue light exposure (how long and when) from various sources.

Acculight Dynamics

Multi-wavelength PPG proprietary signal analysis


A clever knee brace for Anterior cruciate ligament Injuries.


Gyroscopically Balanced Walking Cane Against Falling


An insole which monitors every move and provides real time step correction through active bio-feedback


Capable of capturing a vast wealth of data related to heart function for analysis by experts for tracking of cardiac disease progression


Low-cost, easy to use UV curable cast


Low-cost, radiolucent spinal retractor with LED illumination, retraction and angle control, and built in HD camera


A small camera module to monitor and analyze excrement in the toilet bowl and send advisory reports to the user's smartphone.

Opticure 3D

A novel treatment for vision correction – given once every 6 months, involving a 3D printed hydrogel-based lens, printed directly onto the cornea.


Pulsy is a lightweight wearable sensing device. Pulsy allows you to continuously monitor your fetus’s wellness, wherever and whenever you want.


Making dermoscopic full body examination easy, fast, accurate and accessible, thusly saving cost, lives, and advancing the field of skin cancer early diagnosis.


A software solution, based on image and signal processing, that enables getting a clear view of the vocal cords without the need for any machinery.

HAI or Alive

A System for hand hygiene and statistical data monitoring of HCWs (Health Care Workers) to encourage hand hygiene and prevent HAI in hospitals.

Trela Tech

Trela Tech offers wearable solutions that provide fall detection, real-time health diagnostics, emergency calling capabilities, and voice assistance to keep your loved ones safe!


Automatic detection of insulin cannula deformation.

B & B Solutions

Autonomous pipetting made affordable and accessible

Fast Fluids

A portable, powerful, and inexpensive IV delivery system.

Infusion Support

A mobile application developed for effective infusion pump troubleshooting and optimal communication between patients and nurses involved with home infusion therapy.


Driver fatigue monitoring and detection.

Tag Chat

Connects adolescent hospital patients together by allowing users to search for and begin conversations with other patients experiencing similar conditions or treatments.


A versatile digital platform for users to schedule a doctor visit at their convenience in their home. FlexCare is designed for maximum flexibility for the user and relief on hospital and clinic loads.